Vintage Bonanza

IMG_7538In fall of 2015, one of my mom’s good friends who has been an avid knitter for (so far as I know) her entire life cleaned out her stash. I can’t imagine what was left after this clean out, because she gave me a staggering amount of yarn. It ranged from hand-dyed single skeins bought in places she’d traveled to leftover skeins from the heyday of afghans, vests, and ponchos. Yes, the ’70s, when her kids were growing up.

Vintage yarn is like much vintage clothing: It’s amazing, but it’s not something you necessarily want to put on your body. In the ’60s, ’70s, and even the ’80s, they still hadn’t really figured out synthetics (despite an ever-widening range of brand names, like the “Kodel Polyester” above), so you wind up with scratchy, suffocatingly non-breathable garments. On the other hand, you do get almost absurdly sturdy blankets, which is a major reason I think so many crocheted afghans of this era survive. Come to think of it, the yarn’s very scratchiness is probably one reason these are so hardy — woven-in ends aren’t about to slip out.

Anyway. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting it down, because I absolutely love this stuff as, well, stuff. I mean look at these labels! I couldn’t bear to use up these skeins.