September COTM: Shaded Spruce


One of my favorite things that I work on is Color of the Month, which is, as the name implies, a monthly feature on the This Old House website. I start from Pantone’s color forecasts, then work with paint brands to find which of their colors is the best match. (So yes, when you buy a new house and have to paint over a bunch of crazy-colored walls, I may be partially to blame. But come on, color is fun!)

In fact, color is so darn fun that every month I create a Pinterest board that showcases still more iterations of the Color of the Month. Sometimes it’s houses or projects from TOH, sometimes it’s more paint color matches, and a lot of the time (kind of an embarrassing amount of the time?) it’s tufted velvet. I find sorting things of like color so engrossing and satisfying that I may as well be a male bowerbird.

The Color of the Month for September 2017 is Shaded Spruce. Here’s the official gallery; for the details on the crazy bower I’ve built above, head to Pinterest.

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